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RIDEX Accessories

Our new product line RIDEX automotive accessories combines comfort, simplicity, and reliability. We only use proven high-quality materials for our products. Give your car interior and exterior a new look with our accessories, making your daily driving more comfortable and your long journeys safer, easier, and more enjoyable.

Purchase popular items like car stereos, blind spot mirrors, steering wheel covers, car covers and tarpaulins, wheel trims, organisers, and pet carriers right now. These are just some of the car accessories available to you right now. Soon we will unveil our complete product range to meet the needs of even the most demanding customer. Select items to fit your unique style and to make every trip more comfortable.

Wide product range
We always strive to be one step ahead and anticipate the needs of our customers. That is why we keep adding modern, innovative products to the RIDEX Accessories catalogue.
State-of-the-art equipment, high-quality materials and a highly trained team – these are the main ingredients to our success in manufacturing safe and reliable accessories.
Fair price
By choosing RIDEX Accessories you pay for the product quality, not for the brand name. We offer top-quality products at fair prices.
Car gadgets & accessories

Car gadgets make your trips safer and more comfortable. They assist you in planning itineraries, monitoring traffic conditions, parking your car carefully, staying in touch at all times, and enjoying your favourite tracks in high sound quality.

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Car covers and tarpaulins

These covers effectively protect the car exterior from the elements, the interior trim from dirt and wear, and the paintwork from damage and exposure to service fluids during repairs. Covers should be made from light material that is also flexible and durable. The main fabrics we use for our car covers are tarpaulin and Oxford. These are breathable, i.e. they allow air to pass through easily and offer an adequate moisture protection level. UV protection is generally achieved using a special inner layer.

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Interior comfort & care

These items help you keep your car interior clean: floor mats, boot liners, and dashboard mats protect interior elements against corrosion and rapid wear. These products enable motorists to ma

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