Better than OE parts
RIDEX ULTRA car parts – premium quality available to everyone

RIDEX introduces its new premium range of aftermarket components – ULTRA. These are advanced products with technical features superior to those of the original parts. The new components were created by a large team of experienced engineers using cutting-edge technologies. RIDEX ULTRA parts can improve vehicle performance and extend its lifespan. The choice of those who want to make the most of their cars.

RIDEX ULTRA product range

RIDEX ULTRA parts cover all major car parts categories. Components are available for the transmission, suspension, engine cooling, lighting, air conditioning, and heating systems. The catalogue also includes body components, brake system parts, and a wide selection of repair kits for various automotive units.

Technological advantage over OE parts

Just like the original parts, RIDEX ULTRA auto parts are made of top-quality materials in a modern, high-tech factory. At the same time, our engineers make improvements to their appearance and design. This enhances the technical features of the parts and extends their lifespan. RIDEX ULTRA products are not just on a par with the original parts, they're superior to them both in quality and reliability.

Precise quality control

Components comply with all European safety standards.Every stage of the production process is strictly controlled: from the selection of materials to testing of finished products. The quality of welding, as well as the anti-corrosion treatment of raw materials, is also checked thoroughly.

Practical and cost-effective

RIDEX ULTRA parts – a real find for drivers who prefer to repair their own cars. These parts are easy to install. Each car part comes with everything necessary for installation. This will help you save money, as you won't need to buy any extra components or pay garage costs.

Production stages of RIDEX ULTRA parts
Our team of engineers analyse the original components and assess their defects and the potential to create a more advanced product – RIDEX ULTRA. The production process involves the following stages:
Identification of the elements most prone to premature wear and tear.
Analysis of the technical requirements for car parts and finding a way to improve them.
Design of new components.
Creation and testing of samples.
Mass production of RIDEX ULTRA parts. Quality control and testing of finished products.
Market launch of upgraded car parts.
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